About Us

MotoFomo Shop is the products arm of MotoFomo. The team that produces the words four content business also comes up with the designs for our tees, hoodies and hats. We’re working hard to produce content for motoring enthusiasts whether you’re into new, old, custom, four wheels or two.

Led by a motoring writer with more than 20 years experience writing for some of the country’s biggest media houses, and even running a few of the country’s biggest publications, has imbued MotoFomo with a desire to run the sort of content you won’t read on other motoring sites.

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Here at MotoFomo we’re chasing a lifestyle and what better way to show that than through a cool t-shirt or hoodie. 

Our designs are hand-crafted in-house and are all about telling the world what we’re all about, whether it’s our love of manual transmissions or our favourite off-road adventure tracks, or the coolest race cars, muscle cars, or whatever it may be to show the world, we love cars.